The travel diary gets a digital translation allowing individual editing. The main focus is on the development of an icon system and style.

The icon system treats the five different issues of transportation, organization, summer, outdoors and urban tourism. The style should visualize the feeling of traveling while it is simple and leaves room for interpretation to support the individual memories of every single trip.

After creating a profile or logging in, a world map in grayish colors appears. The overview shows the perambulated places on earth. To that, there is also a chronological order of all trips in a list. Trips can be added and edited in the detailed layer. There, the icons are used to mark places and immediately give a hint of what was experienced at that particular place. Some of the most important tourist attractions like in Berlin the Brandenburger Tor are also available in a filled icon style in blueish shades.

The digital format provides added values because it is portable and flexible. Still, an analogue extension is possible, for example a printable version as physical memory.


4th semester project


Prof. Daniel Utz

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