politik. einfach erklärt.

Sociopolitical issues are presented to the target audience of digital natives inter alia in the context of social media as groundwork for the process of opinion forming.

Digital natives were grown up with broad possibilities which computer and internet are coming with. Social media and search engines are continuously getting natural in every aspect of life. The strong interaction with digital platforms causes a change in information processing.

Further, education is the key for an opinion-forming process which leads to decision making and action. The concept ‚politik. einfach erklärt‘ links at this point – actual sociopolitical issues are treated in short animation videos. Such the illustration as the animation is reduced to the point. The style still is independent because of the coloration and a strongly geometric style. Content is as objective and straight as possible. Sharing the animations on the social media channels allows a discussion to the issue within the community.

The responsive website offers the opportunity to filter the issues in regard to topics. Selecting a video, the textual contents are presented beneath. By hovering over a text passage the links to the sources appear.

To reach a broad attention there are posters designed for urban areas. Developing the concept included an intensive research which is reported in the printed documentation.


7th semester project



Prof. Daniel Utz & Prof. Michael Götte

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