Gutenberg Museum

Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized the world by inventing the movable type and a printing press. For the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, one of the oldest museums of printing, a corporate identity was fictionally created.

The museum should be shown in a contemporary way while the history of printing and its relevance still is represented. Therefore, the black letters which Gutenberg used for his early work are applied in a vectorized interpretation for the logo. There are red shades for the filling and background of the logo. The colors are inverted on temporary and dateless formats like tickets and events or letters and business cards. The logo is cut at the top and on the right side.

The overall look is boldly and blackish which reminds of the heaviness of lead letters and black ink. There is a fanfolded information brochure presenting information on Johannes Gutenberg, the opening hours and admissions as well as a map. Furthermore, a letter, a calendar of events, business cards, tickets, a greeting card and a website were developed. All the design guidelines are presented in a manual.


7th semester project



Gerd Häußler

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